Coalitions are groups of 1-5 people that help each other. In the Europe 1990 map, there is a maximum of 3 players in a coalition, while in the World at War 2020 map, there is a maximum of 5 players in a coalition. They have share map with each other, which cannot be removed as long as both members are in the coalition, and they cannot attack each other. In recent games, inactive players will stay in the coalition until the leader kicks them. A coalition requires having a flag that has 100px x 100px or less (with 64 pixels by 40 being the optimal size), a name, and an optional description. In order to create a coalition, you must not already be in a coalition. You will automatically be put into the coalition and declared leader. If the leader leaves the coalition, the coalition is disbanded.

An example of a coalition:

Screenshot 3


A coaliton has stats like:


The flag and the name is under the Coaltion stat.

[NATO FLAG] nato


The leader is who created the coalition, if the leader doesn't feel like it, he or she can give his rank to someone in the coalition.




They are next to the "Leader" stat.




It shows you how many members the coalition has.




It shows you how many "points" the coalition has.




to see info, you need to click on the "Details" tab.


Every number and the leader can change.

However, the flag and the name cannot, unless you are the leader of the coalition. Then there is a tab that says "Coalition Details" that allows for changes.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Europe 1990 map, the upper limit for members of a Coalition is 3 rather than 5.